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    Official Rules (Flexible)


    IGN : [GM]SubZero
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    Official Rules (Flexible)

    Post by fshnchps on Fri Jan 20, 2017 5:47 am

    Server Rules
    All of these rules must be followed or your account may result in a temporary or permanent ban depending on the situation.
    If you for some reason require an Admin or Moderator please don't hesitate to ask, we will do what we can to sort things out.

    We will always give you a warning atleast once. After that depending on the situation, multiple things could happen: Permanent or temporary ban, removal of items, character removal, service panel lockout etc.

    All official staff members will have a GM Icon or Moderator Medal by their name in the game, if you see someone pretending to be a Mod or GM please report to staff. Below is a list of all current official staff.

    fshnchps | Admin

    Neph | Admin

    Emi/Emikzen | Moderator
    IGN:Emi | GM Character: Gems/Gams

    Do note this list can change at anytime and that all players are responsible for following and knowing the rules.

    1.1 Insults, harassment or threats to a person or group will not be dealt with lightly.

    1.2 Every fight between 2 or several individuals should be kept as private as possible and should not be influential read-able by other people who are not involved.

    1.3 Intentionally advertising other private servers is not allowed.

    1.4 Excessive defamation can result in multiple forms of punishment depending on the level of grief


    2.1 Third party programs and editing of game files for advantage is not allowed. With the exception of multi-clienting in Windia Farm.

    2.2 You cannot exploit bugs and glitches intentionally. If the exploit causes inconvinience to a player, you will be punished depending on the severity.

    2.3 Do not spam megaphone or love cards with very unnecessary messages.

    2.4 Megaphone/TradeChat/LoveCard must be in English.

    2.5 Leeching or Afking in Battlesquare for rewards is not allowed, punishment can vary depending on severity and other factors.


    3.1 Do not create multiple threads regarding the same thing. Such threads will be locked and removed. If you need a question asked please look through existing threads first.

    3.2 Do not double post

    3.3 Do not post meaningless comments only to gain higher post count. This will be regarded as spam and the comment will be removed.


    4.1 Stick to the correct text channel, wrong channel might lead to messages being deleted.

    4.2 Do not post any NSFW Content.

    4.3 Spam will be removed and if it becomes a problem, it will lead to ban.

    Reporting Players or Exploits:

    If you for some reason need to report another player or an exploit, it should be done in private message to either @FshnChpz or @Emi and not be posted in Public chats. Defaming or accussing people in public is the same as harrassing them so you might be punished aswell.

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    Re: Official Rules (Flexible)

    Post by peromagega on Mon Feb 06, 2017 3:18 pm

    helo o  why  i cant log in my  game the forums work but the account doesnt these people are joking right

    IGN : Semitron
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    Re: Official Rules (Flexible)

    Post by Semitron on Wed Feb 08, 2017 9:31 pm

    @peromagega wrote:helo o  why  i cant log in my  game the forums work but the account doesnt these people are joking right

    You're account should work, if you registarted trough the website, not trough this forum

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    Re: Official Rules (Flexible)

    Post by Sponsored content

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