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    Issued penalty


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    Issued penalty

    Post by Skaimon on Wed May 02, 2018 6:40 pm

    Hey, it has come to my attention when i extracted prism stars lately that i have been penalized for some reason, the penalty was issued with no explanation nor a warning (perhaps it's an automatic penalty?). Despite of reading the rules when it comes to Prism extraction i could not find a single rule i could have broken.

    Would highly appreciate some insight as it is quite demotivating to farm daily quests for almost 2 hours and gain absolutely nothing from it. This sort of situation also rises some concerns that it could possibly happen again.

    To shed some light what i did before the penalty was issued:

    1. Picked up the daily quests but only finished one
    2. Something came up so i had to leave the PC resulting in being AFK on a farming spot, however no actions were taken by my character as there was nobody by the PC
    3. The quests next day have gotten a FAIL status as expected

    Next time i picked up the full dailies and finished them i tried to extract all the prism stars and have gotten nothing out of them due to the seemingly random penalty. Would highly appreciate some help on the topic.

    Have a good day.

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