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    Questline for F7 Valid Reath


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    Questline for F7 Valid Reath

    Post by Emikzen on Fri May 26, 2017 5:37 am

    Farrell's Diary???
    1. Talk with Graveyard Keeper Larell.

    Can't Sleep!
    1. Talk with Graveyard Keeper Larell
    2. Defeat the Coffin Keeper in Underground Graveyard.

    I need a sleeping peel
    1. Talk with Graveyard Keeper Larell
    2. Go in to the Underground Graveyard again and bring 10 Mandrake Root & 30 Gravegrass Leaf for Larell.

    May the peace be with you
    1. Talk with Graveyard Keeper Larell.

    It's time to interpret
    1. Talk with Graveyard Keeper Larell.

    Noticeable Tombstone
    1. Talk with Noticeable Tombstone
    2. Ask with Graveyard Keeper Larell.

    Forgotten Knight's leader
    1. Talk with Graveyard Keeper Larell.
    2. Larell said if you get Glove of Artis at Milkyway Sanctuary [Chaos Mode(F2)] 3 Maps. You need 2 Glove of Artis.
    Can be skipped by buying "Item for Quest F7" in Shop > Useful

    Knight of the Knight
    1. Talk with Graveyard Keeper Larell.
    2. Larell told that if you defeat Lord of Night at Skypie Sanctuary [Chaos Mode(F2) 3 Maps. You need 3 Broken Knife
    Can be skipped by buying "Item for Quest F7" in Shop > Useful

    The First Diary of Dr. Farrell
    1. Talk with Graveyard Keeper Larell.
    2. Go to Libra and talk with Pablo.

    Farrell's Diary - Second Part
    1. Talk with Arcanist Pablo.
    2. Defeat Chief Rokko in Valid Raeth[Scenario Mode(F5)].

    Invaded! (1)
    1. Speak with Guard Doug. He will request you to hunt 15 Spectral Dragon Knight & 15 Mallet Mummy in Libra.

    Invaded! (2)
    1. Speak with Guard Balder. Defeat 10 Red Obculling & 10 Black Cumba in Libra.

    Invaded! (3)
    1. Speak with Hoffman. Ask with Pablo & Noel.

    Long Time Buddy
    1. Speak with Head Scientist Noel

    News of old buddy
    1. Answer Noel's questions correctly

    So, what was Farrell's research?Mutant Research
    What did he accomplish?Creating Drake
    How is Farrell?He was eaten up by his own knowledge

    Tactical Crisis
    1. Speak with Guard Captain Hoffman
    2. Hoffman will send you to Arcanist Pablo to ask for magical assistance.

    Scientific Support
    1. Speak to Pablo
    2. Pablo will send you to Noel for more advice.

    Help of Friend
    1. Speak to Noel
    2. Noel will send you to Pablo to retrieve Farrell's Diary.

    Belongings of old buddy
    1. Speak to Pablo. Receive 1 Farrel's Diary.
    2. Return to Noel with the Diary.

    Making Power Source
    1. Speak to Noel. He will request you to hunt 15 Lava Ingot and 1 Flamer Rock to build his machine.
    Lava Ingot can be collected by killing Lava Boombooms. Flamer Rock is obtained by killing Rokko. Both of these monsters can be found in Valid Raeth mission map.
    2. Return to Noel with the items.

    I will call it, Guardian
    1. Speak to Noel. He's decided to name his invention "Guardian."
    2. Speak to Hoffman to share Noel's good news.

    Prove it!
    1. Speak to Hoffman. He's excited about the news and wants to test the Guardians' power with Noel immediately.
    2. Watch the short cutscene of and testing the Guardians.
    3. Speak to Hoffman again. Receive 2 Defense Order: Mission Map
    Note: At this point, the quest prerequisites for F7 is complete, and if the player is level 40 he/she may enter F7.

    Official Appointment
    1. Speak to Hoffman. He requests you present a certificate to for his amazing invention, and wants to appoint as the Dragon Fellowship's chief scientist. Receive 

    1 Certificate of Appointment.
    2. Speak to Noel with the Certificate. He will reward you a set of Guardian Summoning Kits, which are tower guardians that can be used in Mission Maps.

    Source: http://forum.fantasydr2.com/showthread.php?33-F7-Valid-Raeth-Unlock

    Signed by Emi.

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