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    Questions on classes


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    Questions on classes

    Post by jkp690 on Wed May 03, 2017 10:41 pm

    Hello everyone! I'm new here ^^ and I have a couple of questions about the game before I start playng.

    I was wondering if the classes of this server were rebalanced,
    I usually chose the jester class, but in many servers it has become useless,
    because almost all of its abilities was nerfed...Has the same happened here?

    Even in this server, is the class of shaman is the most powerful one?
    Or all classes do about the same dps with the same level of equipments?

    In this server there is a cap for aim rate, evade rate, critical rate and critical damage?
    Evade rate work in pve too? or just in pvp?

    Thanks for Answers.

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    Re: Questions on classes

    Post by fshnchps on Mon May 08, 2017 6:45 am

    Classes on this server is heavily rebalanced, reworked. Many skills are now different, what used to be overpowered is now nerfed. And what used to be underpowered is buffed. So each and every class are now pretty much as good as each other.

    Some can excel in something else better than others, but in the end, the strength you have over other makes you better.

    One of the few with the strongest DPS, has a decently bulkyness due to "Fever and Spin"
    Pixie dust allows them to gain that powerboost of DMG.

    While they also excel with more Attack speed, such as Marionette, Sonic boom and a few other things that allow the skill to cast faster with attack speed.

    Your class is not the best damage dealer, but the differences aren't big when it comes to DPS between classes. You also have multiple skills that can be used for safety.
    And you have DEX Buff, which allows you to gain loads of AGI which increases really well with Rebirth and points in AGI.

    That means one thing, you require less effort to get higher Critical Rate. Which is your number 1 most important stat for increasing your DPS. (It's not CDMG)

    Class rework and rebalance is basiclyas you hoped, while we rebalanced it, we were thinking about how to make each classes good and useful, not much difference between them, yet more interesting to play. Not a very mono style gameplay where you spam 1 skill or 1 button.

    So we took in mind, how to rebalance the classes to make it so, people can choose the gameplay and gamestyle and class they want, without really worrying about having to pick a certain class to actually be able to farm or play as well as others.

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